COMBO (US; TENS; MS) Digital Combination Therapy Unit. Combo Of: Tens 
Unit, Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy Unit 1 MHz and Muscle Stimulator. 
Technical Specifications of Muscle Stimulator: Interrupted Galvanic Output: 
0 To 90 V. Pulse Width 1 and 100 MS
Surge Faradic Output Frequency: 0 To 90 V. Continuously
Adjustable Technical Specifications of Ultrasound Therapy Unit: Ultrasonic 
Nominal Frequency- 1 MHz
Ultrasonic Output- 15Acousstic Maximum
Ultrasonic Power Density Mode
Operation- 2.2 Watts/Cm2 Continuous and Of Pulsed Mode.
Pulse Ratios- 1:1, 1:4, 1:7, 1:10
Treatment Time- 0 To 6 Minutes
Timer- Electronic Timer 0to 99 Minutes With Digital Display
Display- Digital Display Technical Specifications of Tens Unit: Output

MS+US+TENS Combination 3-in- 1