Interferential therapy (IFT) can be used for pain control The neural where 
the maximum interference occurs and the two currents cross Program - 70 
(condition wise with name of disease ) Display: LCD Carrier Frequency: 
2Khz & 4 KHz Base Frequency: 0-100Hz Sweep Frequency: 1-150Hz Therapy 
Mode: 2P, 4P, 4P Balance Available: 200-230VAC, 50 Hz Main Input: 0-99 
min. Digital Sweep: Time Linear, Trapezoidal & Non-Linear Spectrum 
Program Intensity: 0-100mA (Adjustable) Accessories : 1pc main cord , 1 pc 
carry bag , 2 gel bottle , 2 strap set , 4 IFT wire , 4 IFT Electrodes

LCD Interferential Therapy 70 Prog.