Product description:
Specification for IFT:
ï‚· Operating Frequency : 230 Volt AC/50 Hz" Out Put Type : 100%
ï‚· Medium Frequency : 4 Khz & 2Khz"
ï‚· Out put : Two separate output CH-1 & CH-2"
ï‚· Out put Current : 0 to 100ma : 0 to 100ma"
ï‚· Out put Freq. :It can be varied in 0-150 Hz constant mode by using beat-
freq.Up/down keys "
ï‚· Display :Green colour seven segment display."
ï‚· Timer :0-99 minutes"
ï‚· Scan patterns :Rectangular,Trapezoidal & traingular"
ï‚· Therapy modes : 4 pole Interferential therapy,4 pole vector Interfrential
therapy 2 pole Interferential therapy
Specification for Ultrasound:
ï‚· Ultrasound Therapy Unit(1mhz) DigitalModes: Continous & Pulse
ï‚· Acessories:1pc wire1pc Ultrasound Head (1Mhz)

IFT+Heat+US Combination 3 in 1