Product details: Usage Clinical, Hospital Therapy Modes4 Pole, 4 Pole 
Vector 900, 4 Pole Vector 450, 2 Pole per-modulated Carrier Frequency4 
and 2 kHz Base Frequency0 to 150 Hz Sweep Frequency0 to 100 Hz Sweep 
Modulation Programs1/1 Sec, 1/5 Sec, 6/6 Sec Surge ON Time1 -10 sec. (in 
1 Sec.variation) Surge OFF Time1 - 6 sec. (in 1sec. variation) Burst 
Frequency1 - 4 Hz Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece Product description: 
We are offering IFT, MS, TENS, Ultrasound, Heat Combination Machine to 
our clients

Combination Therapy 5 in 1 Unit IFT+MS+TENS +US+Deep Heat